Every piece reflects of Milo's values

Presence & Light


Light has the ability to bring present moment into focus. 

Milo was inspired to work with light while exploring canyons in Utah. It was at the bottom of a deep and dark canyon where a narrow beam of sunlight miraculously found the floor where it reflected off a pool of water and danced on the canyon walls. The experience was profoundly beautiful and captivating, and a sensation that Milo's work seeks to elicit.


Persistence & Geometry


Great designs persist throughout time.

They expose the geometric truths of our world. 

Each piece is the result of a scientific persistence to discover new and beautiful geometries. As a second generation glass artist, the techniques employed have been honed over life times and continue to evolve as they build on the latest digital modeling and manufacturing technologies. 


Brilliance & Glass


Glass and light have been combined together for centuries to create brilliant effects.

Milo employs the unique qualities of glass to manipulate light in a precise manner to produce visual auras.  The lighting designs are smart, purposeful, and inspire brilliance. Perfect for illuminating livings rooms, bedrooms, intimate restaurants, and sophisticated architectural spaces.